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"Publishing with a Purpose"
Founded in 2010, Stonebrook Publishing is a small press dedicated to bringing high-impact nonfiction works to the reading public. We are "Publishing with a Purpose," pursuing works that will either change lives, save lives, or have a positive impact on society.

Our published works have both commercial appeal and an intangible purpose behind them. While Stonebrook Publishing titles certainly attract a broad audience, they also offer a deeper value to the reader and, we hope, to society itself.

Our authors often express a burning desire to communicate their experiences and knowledge with the public, not for their own vanity or strictly for financial rewards, but because they have a passion for something they must share as part of their life work.

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A Life in Parts
Vicki Bennington & Daniel Brannan

Loretta Goebel, a stay-at-home-mom of two young children, hit her hand against a stair bannister one afternoon, and that innocuous injury eventually resulted in the amputation of both her legs, one of her hands, and the fingers on her remaining hand. Loretta's journey through her adjustment and recovery led her to a friendship with Heather Mills and Paul McCartney, who were instrumental in helping her find attractive prostheses. 

If you met Loretta, you would never know she was missing a hand or her legs. She is not only beautiful inside and out, but her story of triumph over unexpected disaster will benefit anyone who is struggling to adjust to life circumstances. You won't want to miss it!