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Hannie J. Voyles 

"I am a Holocaust survivor—one of the lucky ones, if that term could ever be used to describe that ravaged time. Although I avoided the death camps, I did not escape the suffering and loss. I was a schoolgirl, and at the time I Hannie J. Voyleslived in the same neighborhood and attended the same school as Anne Frank. She was just a few years older than I was. I remember seeing her on the streets and at school, laughing and playing like ordinary children did before the Nazis invaded our country and stole our neighbors, our friends, our homes, our food, our hope, and our dignity. She was just another student, just another girl, just another child of our community."

So starts the introduction to Storming the Tulips, originally written in Dutch and then revised and translated by Hannie J. Voyles. An accomplished woman by any yardstick, Hannie struggled through her childhood during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. Although she was stamped by the suffering of war, she didn't let those years brand the rest of her life. After Hannie immigrated to the U.S., she studied English and Linguistics and then joined the faculty of California State University and was later instrumental in the development of the Community College system in that state.

During the war, 173 students from Hannie's 1st Montessori School were murdered by the Nazis. Storming the Tulips is a tribute to them and tells the story of twenty students who lived through that time. It is a complement to The Diary of Anne Frank and other works that explain the ravaging effect the war had on the children. Anne’s story tells of her sequestered life in The Annex; the children in Storming the Tulips show what life was like on the streets, in hiding, and in the concentration camps.

Hannie's own story "Picking Pockets of the Dead" CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE. Hannie J. Voyles is a remarkable woman, and we want you to know her, too.

Vicki Bennington and Daniel Brannan

Release Date : October 9,  2012

Vicki Bennington holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications, with a secondary degree in marketing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, as well as an associate’s degree in business.

She worked for a number of years in the business sector, and then concentrated her efforts in the field of writing and editing in a freelance capacity, and “dabbling” in photography. Her work has been published in newspapers, magazines, business journals, historical books, Fortune 500 company literature, Web sites and various other publications.

Dan Brannan has been in the newspaper business since 1982. He has been the executive editor of The Telegraph in Alton, Ill. for the last 14 years. During his tenure, The Telegraph has won more than 300 awards and earned the No. 1 ranking in the Freedom Communications newspaper group for editorial excellence in 2006, competing for the ranking against papers three to four times The Telegraph’s circulation size. Dan has guided The Telegraph to General Excellence Awards in Illinois Press AssociationIllinois Associated Press and Southern Illinois Editorial Association contests. He led the Seneca-Clemson, S.C., newspaper to its first General Excellence Award in South Carolina. He has also captured state and national awards for his writing in nearly every category.

Dan, co-writer Ande Yakstis and Web editor Laura Griffith captured first place in the Most Innovative Project category, the top award in the Illinois Press Association in 2008 and 2009 with the print and Web in-depth examination of the 40th anniversary of the Dr. MStonebrook Publishingartin Luther Kind assassination. Dan started the daily “Our Everyday People” element in The Telegraph, featuring common, everyday individuals who make a difference in their communities. He is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with degrees in journalism and psychology. 

Vicki Bennington and Dan Brannan received a joint award from the Illinois Press Association for journalism work in the field of Christmas community service, and Bennington placed fifth in a fictional writing contest involving thousands of entrants. She is currently conducting research to begin her first novel.Vicki has traveled extensively all over the world, spending a great deal of time in England, and living in Australia for two years.

Vicki has also worked with copyediting and layout, in addition to ad design, logo design and corporate branding campaigns.