Stonebrook Publishing


"Publishing with a Purpose"
Stonebrook Publishing was founded by Nancy L. Baumann of St. Louis, Missouri. An accomplished writer herself, Nancy recognized that the market for carefully crafted non-fiction is robust, yet authors often have difficulty finding a publishing home because most presses pursue fiction, rather than true stories.

Stonebrook Publishing is an author-friendly publishing company dedicated to bringing high-impact nonfiction works to the reading public.

Unlike traditional publishing houses that offer small advances to their authors, but share little of the book profits, we pursue a shared investment/shared reward model with our authors because we believe that both deserve to be fairly compensated for their work. In our shared investment/shared reward model, the author makes a cash investment in the project, then shares the net profits with the publisher on a 50/50 split. Both author and publisher invest in the project, then share equally in its financial rewards.

Our published works have both commercial appeal and an intangible purpose behind them. While Stonebrook Publishing titles certainly attract a broad audience, they also offer a deeper value to the reader and, we hope, to society itself. Our authors often express a burning desire to communicate their experiences and knowledge with the public, not for their own vanity or strictly for financial rewards, but because they have a passion for something they must share as part of their life work.

All potential authors submit a book proposal and the first chapter of their manuscript for evaluation and, if accepted for publication, they work with Stonebrook Publishing to edit, refine, and sometimes even reorganize the manuscript until it is prepared for release. The author holds all copyrights to the work.

Stonebrook Publishing, Member IBPA