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About Stonebrook Publishing

"Publishing with a Purpose"

Stonebrook Publishing is an independent press founded by Nancy L. Baumann of St. Louis, Missouri. Nancy is an accomplished writerNancy L. Baumann herself, and recognized that the market for carefully crafted nonfiction was robust, yet authors often have difficulty finding a publishing home because larger presses pursue fiction, rather than true stories. Based on a shared investment/shared reward philosophy, Stonebrook Publishing is an author-friendly press that recognizes the extensive time and effort involved in writing a book manuscript, and we believe that authors should earn an equal share in the success of their book, rather than a nominal fee.

We publish nonfiction, but not all nonfiction. Stonebrook Publishing titles must meet the criteria of having a deeper purpose to improve the lives of our readers through education, inspiration, or intelligent entertainment. We simply do not publish books strictly for financial gain. We are "Publishing with a Purpose."

Good stories are all around us, and most of them are true. Stonebrook Publishing is dedicated to bringing the real, the true, and the compelling life stories to market and applauding the authors who write them.

Stonebrook Publishing, Member IBPA