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A Life in Parts

A Life in Parts
Vicki Bennington and Daniel Brannan

It was an ordinary winter day, and Loretta Goebel was busy wrapping Christmas gifts in her basement when the doorbell rang. She rushed to answer the door, and in her haste, she hit her hand on the banister as she ran up the stairs. This seemingly innocuous injury eventually resulted in the amputation of both her legs, her left hand, and most of the fingers on her right hand.

Pruned down to “Loretta in the Rough,” she had to find a way to adapt to life without fingers or feet. Fiercely independent, she was determined to do everything for herself, rather than succumb to life as an invalid. Even the simplest things seemed insurmountable at first, but through her relentless resilience, she learned how to feed herself, get showered and dressed, take care of her kids, set the table, drive a car, dial a phone, cook meals, ride a bike, get groceries, laugh at life, and return to being the whole person she’d always been, while suffering through several rounds of amputations and painful prosthetic parts. Loretta’s adjustment and recovery led her into a friendship with Heather Mills and Paul McCartney, who were instrumental in helping her acquire attractive and comfortable artifical legs, which allowed her to regain the final missing parts—her feminine nature and her dignity.

If you met Loretta Goebel, you would never know she was missing a hand or her legs, and her story of triumph over undeserved disaster will benefit anyone who is struggling to adjust to life circumstances, whatever they may be. 


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